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Threading is a safe technique for hair elimination, which originated from Asia. In even more current times, it has become the most prominent and favored method among women, particularly for eliminating the hairs of the brows, and can last for more than 4-5 weeks before you need it again.


In threading, we make use of a thin organic-based thread, which is supplemented with vitamin E and collagen. It is then positioned over locations of unwanted hair while properly plucking the hair at the hair follicle level.


Unlike tweezing, where solitary hairs are removed individually, threading can eliminate short rows of hair instantly. After threading is complete, we will apply an aloe-based gel to relieve the area and finish off with a relaxing eyebrow massage!













The benefits of eyebrow threading, as opposed to waxing, is that it gives much more precision and control to the brows, while being a lot more mild on the skin. It can be uncomfortable as the number of hairs are eliminated simultaneously, nevertheless this can be reduced if it is done properly.


Threading eyebrows allows for a more precise and exact way of removing hair and could produce a better definition for the brows. It is not only limited to the brows, it can be made use of as a method for eliminating undesirable hair on the whole face and top lip location, although it is not a good technique for removing hair on the arms or legs, considering that the hair in those areas is normally coarse and there is too much hair to get rid of.

























5 Facts You Didn't Know About Eyebrow Threading



1. You Get Defined Eyebrows


Threading is, at its core, all about accuracy. Even the tiniest hair can be taken out of its hair follicle. Due to the fact that it obtains every hair, no half-grown strays are left. Plus, the method of threading allows for overall control over which hairs are removed and which typically aren't. You could thread one hair each time or a line of hair, giving you extremely specified brows.


2. Maintenance Is Much Easier


Threading is so precise that it could deal with also the smallest hairs. This suggests that unlike tweezing, which can't constantly grab into shorter, half grown up hair follicles, threading can remove all your undesirable hairs simultaneously. A great benefit is that all the hairs will grow at the same time, so you're not whipping out tweezers or stopping in for repair each week.


3. Most Gentle Method of Hair Removal


Since the hair follicle is obtaining pulled out of the skin, there's very little chance of inflammation. There's no irritation or stressing of the skin. Threading can be used on sensitive or easily irritatable skin types.


4. There will be redness for a brief period of time


While it is the gentlest type of hair removal around, you're still getting rid of hair. Because the thread is forced against the skin, it can trigger a little inflammation and minor inflammation on extremely sensitive skin types. That's why we normally follow up with an aloe-based gel to relax the location while calming the skin, and removing any type of inflammation swiftly.


5. Save It Only for the Hair On The Face


Threading is the excellent temporary option for hair elimination of any facial hairs, such as the brows. Because of its accuracy, it's not a good alternative for anywhere else on the body just because the length of time it could take, and a hour or more of getting your hair ripped out probably is not ideal for anyone.

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