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"I have been plagued with multiple chronic illnesses over the past 30+ years. One of my specialist recently required physical therapy for balance and to relieve pain and tension. This is where I was introduced to FASCIAL STRETCH THERAPY! Unbelievable!!! After ONE session my therapist had my muscles so relaxed that it enabled me to bend my legs behind me and touch my waist with my heel, turned my stiff neck side to side and enjoy the luxury of relaxation after a soothing head massage using essential oils blended to relax me and diminish the tension from my upper body. Believe me, this is a NO pain process!!!! I was slightly sore in places where my muscles had been dormant for years, but after a few quick stretches before a hot bath… I was exhilarated! I urge everyone, especially, if you suffer from chronic conditions, to enjoy the benefits obtainable from FST!"

Judy R.

“For someone who suffers from frequent low back pain, fascial stretch was amazing, it really helped with my back pain especially for someone like me who drive long hours.”

Robert J.

"The FST stretching was really great! I did not realize how tight I was until I had my lower body stretched. It felt great during the stretching and I could definitely tell how much better and more relaxed I felt after the stretching! I would definitely recommend FST to anyone!"

Claire P.

“As an OT who stretches daily and perform joint mobs on clients, I was more than surprised and pleasantly amazed with FST. It was really pain free with long lasting effects. Even after long hours of computer work at the end of the day, I’m still feeling great.”

Leslie P.

“This stretch felt amazing. My legs and feet felt like it was floating in air when I got done. I was also able to run better and longer.”

Alex D.

“I suffer from plantar fasciitis on one foot and nothing helped me before. I tried FST for my foot along with cupping and I was pain free for days. It really helped and I could feel how much tension was relieved from it. A definite must to anyone who has this.”

Nate C.

"No joking, my neck has not felt this good in months!!! Going to start exercises today. You definitely have the healing touch!!! Thank you so much.

Gina A.

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